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We Know Our Business, which means we know your business!

For more than 25 years, Tony who is the owner of XCaliber, has spent time honing his skills and knowledge as a pawnbroker and manager for one of the largest pawn chains in the United States, managing the largest shops in the chain throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth region, both as a Manager and District Manager.

The last eight years, working in this environment was spent managing the Online Internet Firearms Sales Department, which generated over $3 million in sales and $1 million in revenue annually, while providing superior customer service.

Tony is an avid Clay Shooter and enthusiast. He is also an avid hunter, recent Grandpa, served in the reserves, and "backs the blue”...but he'll tell you his passion is selling and shooting guns.

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Value from the start

From August to December 2006, Tony ran the gun sales division as a one-man team, and generated over $120,000 in sales. By the end of 2007, the team had reached 4 employees and annual sales of $635,000. In 2010, sales had reached $1 million and have continually increased year over year to more than $3.1 million in 2014. Tony's team grew to 9 employees, processing about 900 gun sales per month averaging $266,000/month. The internet gun sales division sold more than 50,000 guns in 8 years.